Elect Donnie Martinez for Osceola County Sheriff

Clear Vision for the Future Growth

I believe that it is time for new leadership and a new vision within the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. My campaign theme is, “Clear Vision for the Future Growth.” In the last decade in the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, there have been unsuccessful investigations for major crimes, a lack of investment in the "Big 3";  Tools, Technology, and Training for Officers, and a tone set resulting in public distrust based on discrimination and lack of leadership striving for integrity and inclusivity.    My investment in Osceola County is beginning with an investment in myself learning the latest training and techniques the current recruits are receiving at the The Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Florida State College.  I want to be a mentor to the community and the next generation of Law Enforcement Officers.  I wanted to be able to share the latest tools, technology, and training with the Officers I want to lead.   I have seen injustice, crime, and a lack of public trust ruin families and communities. I wish to be part of shaping the next generation and I have a desire for public safety and to serve my community. I believe law enforcement requires immense dedication and commitment to the community for which we serve which I possess. It can be incredibly rewarding as an officer to have the opportunity to make a significant impact on people’s lives through inclusion, trust, and knowledge.  It is an incredibly honorable profession that requires someone like myself with strong moral principles, courage, and life experiences to relate to the legalities at hand in any given situation to bring criminals to justice. I have the heart of a Public Servant.

As Sheriff of Osceola County, I will work extremely hard to ensure that the promises are kept in ensuring the public safety of all Osceola County residents as I fulfill the duties and responsibilities as Sheriff.  I promise to restore the community’s trust and confidence in the Sheriff’s Office and to reverse the undercurrent of bias that has echoes today.   I intend to make the necessary improvements and right the ship. My plan is to be a fiscally responsible public servant dedicated to Public Safety.  I will promote not to "De-Fund" the agency but to "Re-Allocate" funds to fight crime.  I honor the law enforcement officers who had come before me as my Great Grandfather served as the first Osceola County Game Warden.   I believe that now is the time to usher our Sheriff’s Office into a new era of intelligence-led, community-based policing focused on accountability and professionalism.

With Osceola County’s explosive growth and the realities of increased major crimes and gang activity, my first priority will be to increase officer training to improve the outcomes in emergency response times and investigation skills by providing advanced technology and tools to help deputies in the field. Enforcing the law and providing quality service dedicated to public safety, constitutionally, is the first obligation of Sheriff. I intend to do this without adding additional costs.  I have a long performance history of being fiscally responsible.  I intend not to De-Fund but to Re-Allocate funds to improve the agency's overall performance and improve public trust.  Our deputies need to know we back them, we will invest in them, and we trust them as they put their lives on the line as dedicated public servants.

Introducing Intelligence Led Policing and Community Oriented Policing are also important changes that I believe are needed in the Sheriff’s Office to address the unprecedented growth. Osceola County residents want a professional law enforcement agency that has embraced fair, responsive, inclusive, community-based policing models. As a law enforcement academy graduate, I know firsthand what is being taught to our next generation of Officers.  I know these policies work and are essential to a successful effort to combat crime. Citizens must have a voice and feel protected by law enforcement. I want to hear from them and I will listen.  I want to build a partnership with the community and our Sheriff Deputies.

I want to retain top talent and allow for ways to incentivize Officers and civilian employees that will not lead burnout and stress. There is currently a revolving door of personnel at the entry-level of the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies are leaving for higher-paying jobs causing shortages in staffing and an increase in burdening our Officers with excess overtime inciting burnout and stress in a career that should be dedicated to ensuring public safety. I will make the job of an Osceola County Deputy the most sought-after law enforcement job in Central Florida. 

I would like to encourage everyone who believes that it’s the Right Time Right Reason Right Choice to move forward with a clear vision of positive change that builds on growth within Osceola County to vote for me for Osceola County Sheriff.

 Donnie Martinez



On November 5, 2024, vote for
Donnie Martinez for Osceola County Sheriff.

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