Meet Donnie Martinez

Candidate for Osceola County Sheriff

I was born and raised in Osceola County. I am a graduate of Osceola County school system along with my brother.  I grew up working on my grandfather Leon Albritton’s ranch and orange groves. When I was 15, I started working at Winn-Dixie and I worked myself up to be in top management in many locations throughout Central Florida for over 16 years.  The management skills I learned at Winn-Dixie I turned around and used in my own businesses, my management skills, my financial skills, my skills on technology, my skills with training.  I have a desire to make an impact and I have the heart of a public servant. I have seen crime, addiction, mental illness, destroy families, friends, and communities. I don’t want to see that happen to Osceola County. I have a great love and respect for the law.  I want to use my knowledge and my skills to better law enforcement at the Sheriff’s department here in Osceola County.

I am a recent graduate of the Law Enforcement Academy. I wanted to see firsthand what the current educational standards and training our recruits are receiving and bring those latest techniques to current law enforcement officers at the Sheriff’s department.   I have completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training and a variety of other continuing education classes.  I have owned and operated multiple businesses in my life from pool operations, law care, real estate, property management, and title agency.   Each of these have been here working with the good people of Osceola County building and supporting our local economy.

I’ve enjoyed volunteering for local city government, chamber of commerce, my church, the school system and the community.   Inspiring and caring for the next generation is a core value of mine.  My family has volunteered to be a foster care family and a host family in a foreign exchange student program.  I enjoy learning about new cultures and value inclusion for everyone. My family means the world to me; my wife, my daughters and my great extended family and I feel that everyone in Osceola County is part of my extended family. My dog is my best friend. His name is Bucky. I have a competitive spirit. I love to play golf, target shooting, fishing and traveling the world learning different cultures.       



On November 5, 2024, vote for
Donnie Martinez for Osceola County Sheriff.

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